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Meiji Big Vanilla, Gowing-Up Formula, Stage 3

  • Rich in DHA, it works wonders for brain and retina development
  • With the right amounts of vitamin D and iron, it is perfect to use in combination with other solid food
  • High-quality protein ensures the proper physical development of the child
  • Packed with taurine, it helps prevent infections and improves vision
  • Contains FOS and nucleotides to keep the child's intestine and immune system healthy

Meiji Follow-Up Formula, Stage 2

Meiji FU Powder is the perfect formula that aids in nutritional nourishment of infants and children up to 1 years of age. This powder is also advised to be used alongside baby food to amplify your baby's nutritional nourishment.

Meiji Infant Formula, Stage 1, Powder

  • DHA for the development of your baby's nervous system. DHA also aids development of eyes and brain
  • Choline for your baby's brain development, learning and memory
  • Folic Acid prevents neural function defects and develops physique
  • Zinc and iodine are necessary for bone structure development, and improved metabolism
  • Vitamin B6 to channel your baby's happy hormones by maintaining the serotonin and norepinephrine levels
  • Vitamin K and natural ß-carotene, which are essential for the development of infants and children

meiji KIDS +

Meiji Kids plus is a high quality growing up formula, designed to provide the nutritional support required for the healthy growth of children aged 3 years and onwards. Well-balanced nutrition is essential during a child’s rapid growth phase.

Morinaga BF-1

Morinaga BF-1 is specially formulated for newborn babies to help them grow faster and stronger

Morinaga BF-2

BF-2 is a follow-up formula designed for infants from 6 months onwards and young children. BF-2 is formulated to supply essential nutrients that infants and children need.

Morinaga BF-3

Morinaga BF-3 Baby Milk is a fortified milk with 40 essential nutrients and bio-active ingredients for your growing up toddler's nourishment. It is also the period where toddlerhood begins to progress in strength,cognitive and digestive growth and development.